Public transportation in The Netherlands from then to now

Public transportation in The Netherlands from then to now

Public transportation in The Netherlands from then to now

PostNL today released 2 stamp sheets with an overview of public transport in the Netherlands, then and now. The stamps cover everything, such as different means of public transport, old and new equipment, different carriers, and existing and disappeared routes in and between all provinces.

All weather types

The time of day and the weather conditions are also different on every stamp. Because, says graphic designer Thijs Verbeek: “Public transport runs every day, in every season. That is why you can see all weather types in the background: from sun and rain to thunder, storm and fog. ”

2 issues

The 2 stamp sheets both have the same name: Public transport in the Netherlands, from then to now. The first stamp sheet with 6 stamps is intended for domestic shipments, the second with 6 stamps for international mail as well.

Chain of place names

Both issues pay attention to the most important forms of public transport in our country: tram, metro, city bus, regional bus, slow train, intercity, international train and ferry service. The stamp sheets show 12 different public transport routes, 6 per stamp sheet. The tabs and the sheet edges show the names of places in the Netherlands that are or could be reached by public transport. This has created a ‘chain’ that shows that all corners and villages and cities in the Netherlands are connected to each other.

Real trains, trams and buses

Graphic designer Verbeek describes public transport as a “utensil with which everyone has a relationship”. “Whoever you are, wherever you have to go: every type of Dutch person uses it. That is why I did not want clean and polished pictures from a catalog. But trains, trams and buses that you see in real life: dirty, bumped or with graffiti. ”

Simple but layered

Each stamp tells a simple, but layered story. Namely how we can travel from one point to another in the Netherlands by public transport and what we see along the way. Verbeek: “All those stories are about how we are connected in the Netherlands. It is a journey through our country, through all provinces, with that typical Dutch view. ”


Aug 19 2019
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