Netherlands - Smoked Sausage (Rookworst)

Netherlands – Smoked Sausage (Rookworst)

In the new stamp series Typical Dutch, PostNL released stamps on 2 January in which the popular smoked sausage plays the leading role. In our country, we eliminate tens of millions of smoked sausages every year. By hand or with typical Dutch dishes, such as pea soup or stew of kale or sauerkraut.

New series

What is common for Dutch people, foreigners often find very special. These separate aspects of our society feature in the new series Typically Dutch, of which the first PostNL stamp sheet has been published on 2 January. The Typically Dutch series is the successor to Mooi Nederland, a series that has been published for 15 years.

All kinds of variants

In the issue of Typically Dutch – smoked sausage, the smoked sausage is central. This traditional Dutch product is usually made with predominantly ground pork, although there are also variants of beef and even a vegetarian variant. Smoked sausages are available both cooked and uncooked, in fine and coarse varieties.

The roundest sausage

The design of Typically Dutch – smoked sausage is by graphic designer Edwin van Praet of Total Design from Amsterdam. The photos were taken by Scrambled Media, also from Amsterdam. During the photo sessions, ice was not spent overnight. Van Praet: “We tested various smoked sausages for the stamps. HEMA’s smoked sausage turned out to work best because it is the roundest. This way the sausage runs smoothly with the roundness of the plate. ”

Pea soup leftovers

The smoked sausage on the stamp was photographed in the classic position we know as the basic shape. With string, lying on a white plate with a knife and fork on either side. With the image on the sheet edge, designer Van Praet has afforded much more freedom. “The smoked sausage returns as you use it at home, already sliced ​​with such a typical knife. And a bowl of pea soup next to it, with a spoon inserted deep into it. There are a few brown sandwiches on the shelf to dab the pea soup leftovers. ”


Jan 02 2020
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