Netherlands - "Ordinary"

Netherlands – “Ordinary”

Marbles play the leading role on the PostNL ordinary stamps sheet published today. No banging, gourds or bouncing, just ordinary. Children still use this old name for the smaller marbles with which they play the marble game.

Wink at design

The title is a nod to the contrast to the design, which is anything but ordinary. Graphic designer Michiel Schuurman from Amsterdam, who designed the stamps, is fascinated by what the most unusual things look like. Schuurman: “The banal things that you quickly overlook. I want to make people look at ordinary things again. ”

Light and shadow effect

Each stamp has 1 or 2 glass marbles with sometimes 1 or more beads, against a pink background. With every marble or bead, the light is visible, with the corresponding shadow effect. In the background are blurred circles with colored rings. The marbles, beads and circles also return to the sheet edge. There are also water drops and beads that have apparently fallen off the circles of the priority logo.

Special and elusive

Every year, Schuurman invents a new system of shapes, colors, effects and vistas. In his search for his latest “collection” he experimented this year with the refraction of light in marbles and the shadows. “I have a thing for marbles,” says Schuurman. “Not only because of the special appearance, but also because of the elusive nature of the marble time, which starts and ends without apparent reason.”

Free assignment

The design of Habits fits in with PostNL’s policy to regularly give winners of prestigious design contests a free assignment to design stamps. For example, earlier this year the Public Transport in the Netherlands stamps appeared, designed by Thijs Verbeek, winner of the European Design Award (Gold) in 2018. “The intention is that the designer is guided by their own interests,” says Stephan van den Eijnden , Mail’s commercial director Mail. “What fascinates and touches them. In other words, their personal fascination is paramount. ” Michiel Schuurman, designer of the Gewoontjes stamp sheet, is the winner of the Dutch Design Award for Communication in 2017.

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Oct 18 2019
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The Netherlands

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