Netherlands Golden stamp Anne Frank

Netherlands – Golden Stamp: Anne Frank

The Netherlands commemorates the end of World War II in 2020, 75 years ago. With 4 gold stamps, PostNL pays attention to events that have left an indelible impression. Both to those who experienced it and to the next generations, to this day.

The Secret Annex

In the series End of World War II, the gold stamp Anne Frank, 1945 – 2020, appeared last Friday. It is 75 years ago that Anne Frank passed away. Thanks to Anne Frank’s diary, published after the war as Het Achterhuis, her name has become synonymous worldwide with the horrors of persecution.

Dear Kitty

The gold stamp contains a passport photo of Anne Frank from May 1942. Anne was then 12 years old. At the bottom of the photo you can read the title “Dear Kitty”. Kitty is the fictional friend to whom Anne Frank wrote many of her diary letters.

Gold series

The stamp about Anne Frank is part of the series End of World War II. On January 23, the stamp about Operation Market Garden was already published, the attempt of the Allies in September 1944 to get hold of the bridges over the Maas, Waal and Rhine in the Netherlands. The next stamp is about the liberation of the Netherlands. This will be released on May 5. The last stamp issue in the series is on August 15, the day that 75 years ago the Japanese army laid down its weapons in what was then the Dutch East Indies.

Anne Frank House

The issue of the Anne Frank stamp, 1945 – 2020, was established in coordination with the Anne Frank House. This foundation manages the hiding place of Anne – The Secret Annex – on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam and brings her life story to the attention worldwide.


Mar 23 2020
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