Netherlands - For every moment

Netherlands – For every moment

Netherlands – For every moment

As of today, the stamp sheet “For every moment” is available. The 6 stamps say value indication 1 for mail up to and including 20 grams with a destination inside The Netherlands. With this issue, PostNL introduces the successor to the occasion postage stamps from 2017.

From congratulations to apologies

The 6 new stamps are suitable for cards or letters to congratulate send a heart, show appreciation, apologize offer, show affection and share humor.

Greatly simplified faces

The stamps For every moment have full-screen illustrations of faces that express different emotions. The greatly simplified faces in the pastel shades of lilac, blue, brown, green, red and yellow have large eyes and one red mouth. The look in the eyes matches the accompanying emotion, just like the position of the mouth.

Emoticons and smileys

Design agency Beukers Scholma from Haarlem was responsible for the design of the new occasion postage stamps. Haico Beukers: “We started from the emotions that people want to show when they seek contact by sending a card. Emoticons and smileys are the ultimate way to convey emotions today. In our view, this requires an illustrative approach. Not too literal, but abstract. ”

Suitable for any purpose

The illustrations are as large as possible on the stamp, against a white background. With the clear approach, the designers wanted to achieve that the emotion of the stamp splashed. Marga Scholma: “They speak for themselves. That is why we have the description of the emotion not on the stamp itself, but on the tab. For example, the sender can also use the stamp if it does not literally match the message he or she wants to convey. It is even possible to have 2 stamps at the same time use when the emotions have to connect. For example, “congratulations” and “Sorry” if you send someone a congratulation too late. “


May 11 2020
The Netherlands


The Netherlands

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