Netherlands - Experience nature - trees and leaves

Netherlands – Experience nature – trees and leaves

Netherlands – Experience nature – trees and leaves

Autumn is the season to go into the forest. The leaves change color, the trees look different every day. With the ‘Experience nature – trees and leaves’ stamp sheet, which was released today, PostNL pays tribute to the forest in the autumn.

Completely Dutch

On the newest stamp sheetlet, the trees and leaves depicted are closely linked, as if they were close to each other. You can indeed find all the trees depicted in Dutch nature. All photos used are also made in the Netherlands.

The first experience

For graphic designer Frank Janse from Gouda, who designed the stamps, the forest plays an important role in our nature experience. “For children, a forest is often the first experience with nature. There’s a lot going on. You see, smell and hear everything. At the same time, you realize that everything happens that you do not immediately see, smell or hear. That makes it even more exciting. ”

Decay process

In the design of the stamp sheetlet Experience nature – trees and leaves, the sensory and associative nature experience is central. When selecting the photo material, Janse searched for autumn colors that are as close together as possible. “I stayed away from the romantic, multicolored autumnal shades, but instead opted for greenish and orangey brown. They are the first steps in the rotting process that nature undergoes in the autumn. ”


With the new stamps, PostNL draws attention to the diversity of nature in our country. “It is much larger than we sometimes think at first glance,” says Stephan van den Eijnden, PostNL’s commercial director of Mail. “Trees play a major role in this. Especially in an urbanized country like the Netherlands. That is why it is so important to monitor the biodiversity of our forests. ”

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Sep 16 2019
The Netherlands


The Netherlands

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