Netherlands - December stamps 2019

Netherlands – December stamps 2019

This year’s PostNL December stamps are illustrated by Lieke van der Vorst. The internationally sought-after illustrator from Eindhoven was inspired, among other things, by her personal memories of the month of December.

In the sign of family

The stamp sheet with the 20 December stamps contains a drawing of a colorful parade with 10 characters, both humans and animals, in a winter landscape. The stamps exude a warm atmosphere through the contrasting colors with a sky of snowflakes and stars in the background. “The holidays in my parental home are always dominated by family,” says Lieke van der Vorst. “Of being together, of sharing. We will stay at home on Christmas Day. On Christmas Day we visit family or friends. Everyone then takes a dish with them.

Looping effect

The drawings on the stamps merge. This has created a story on the stamp sheetlet, as it were. “It has become a whole procession from left to right,” says Van der Vorst. “A parade on a snowy road, which ends with the polar bear at the mailbox sending tickets to those who can’t be at the party. Then the story is finished. ”

Special December rate

PostNL issues new December stamps every year. This allows consumers and companies to send each other Christmas and New Year’s cards at a cheaper rate up to a weight of 50 grams. The special December rate of € 0.82 per stamp is valid from November 4, 2019 to January 3, 2020. A sheet with December 20 stamps will cost € 16.40 this year. When purchasing 2 sheets of December stamps, the buyer receives a special bag made of 100% recycled PET plastic.

Love for the world around her

Illustrator Lieke van der Vorst (1989) grew up in Kaatsheuvel, just above Tilburg. Her upbringing was dominated by nature, and her love for the animal world and its immediate environment returns in her work. Her work is in great demand internationally, and there is great interest in Australia and South Korea, among others. Van der Vorst previously worked on the December stamps of 2017 as one of the 10 young talents that were linked to 10 famous Dutch people.

To work precisely

All illustrations for the December stamps are separately hand-drawn by Van der Vorst on A4 paper, including the background and the typography. Later she combined them in the computer with the air at the top of the sheet. In her work she almost exclusively uses watercolor pencils and a ballpoint pen to set up harder lines. “I have tried all techniques over time,” says Van der Vorst. “But pencil with ballpoint pen suits me best. The advantage is that you work very precisely. You can determine the intensity of each line with the pressure you apply. ”

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