Netherlands - Typical Dutch - Chocolate sprinkles

Netherlands – Chocolate sprinkles

The latest PostNL stamps feature the favorite spreads of young and old in our country: sprinkles. The issue “Typically Dutch – sprinkles” is the third in this series this year.

Successor to the beautiful Netherlands

The 6 equal stamps have the value indication 1 for mail up to and including 20 grams with a destination within the Netherlands. The sprinkles stamps were designed by graphic designer Edwin van Praet of Total Design. The photos were taken by Scrambled Media. Typically Dutch is the successor to Beautiful Netherlands, a series that has been published for 15 years.

More than a hundred years old

The oldest location for mentioning sprinkles as a sandwich spread is a newspaper from Drenthe from the year 1913. Since then sprinkles are indispensable, but it is only available in the Netherlands, Indonesia, Suriname and Belgium. In other countries, similar products are for sale, but for sprinkling cakes. Different types of sprinkles are available, such as fruit sprinkles, aniseed sprinkles and – most important of course – chocolate sprinkles. According to the Commodities Act Decree on Cocoa and Chocolate, chocolate sprinkles must contain at least 32 percent cocoa.

Pure sprinkles on bread

The typical Dutch – sprinkles stamps depict a brown sandwich with butter and sprinkles, lying on a white plate with a knife and fork on either side. There are also some loose grains of sprinkles on the plate. Designer Van Praet: “Who in the Netherlands has not grown up with sprinkles? I certainly. As a child you first realize how typical Dutch sprinkles are when you go on holiday abroad. There are different types of chocolate sprinkles, but pure is of course the best. And it looks powerful in the photo. Just as the cut bread is the most beautiful bread to photograph in terms of shape. ”


Mar 23 2020
The Netherlands


The Netherlands

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