Netherlands - Typical Dutch - Carrots

Netherlands – Carrots

Orange carrots really belong to our country. That is why they are depicted on the latest stamp sheetlet from the Typical Dutch series published today by PostNL.

Separate aspects

What is common for Dutch people, foreigners often find very special. These separate aspects of our society feature in PostNL’s Typical Dutch series, of which the second stamp sheetlet was released today. Typically Dutch is the successor to Beautiful Netherlands, a series that has been published for 15 years.

William I, Prince of Orange (Willem van Oranje)

The popularity of carrots in the Netherlands is mainly due to the color. For a long time, carrots have not been orange, but white, yellow, red and even purple. In the sixteenth century, farmers in the low countries began to intentionally grow orange carrots. According to tradition, this was to support William of Orange during the Revolt against Spain.


The design of Typically Dutch – carrots is by graphic designer Edwin van Praet of Total Design from Amsterdam. The photos were taken by Scrambled Media, also from Amsterdam. Different sizes and types of carrots were tested during the photo session. The medium-sized ones turned out to work best. Designer Van Praet: “We have placed them close together so that you can recognize a heart in them. With a little green on it, because that is such a nice combination with orange. ”


Feb 24 2020
The Netherlands


The Netherlands

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