Netherlands - 75 years of Peace & Freedom

Netherlands – 75 years of Peace & Freedom

Netherlands – 75 years of Peace & Freedom

Last May 5, the Netherlands celebrated the liberation of our country 75 years ago. Due to the corona virus, all public events surrounding the May 5 celebration were canceled. Other initiatives can continue, such as the issue by PostNL of a special gold stamp.

Capitulation of Germany

In the series End of World War II, the stamp 75 years of Peace & Freedom appears today. This gold stamp is dedicated to the liberation of the Netherlands on May 5, 1945. The day the Germans officially surrendered.

Transferring aircraft

Today’s gold stamp features a photo of waving Dutchmen saluting passing Allied planes. The photo is written in italic letter 75 years. The photo, made by J. van Rhijn, comes from the National Archives / Spaarnestad Photo in The Hague.

5 years of occupation

With the German capitulation on May 5, 1945, the occupation of the Netherlands ended after the invasion of the German army on May 10, 1940. The Dutch East Indies had to wait until August 18, 1945 for the Japanese army to lay down its weapons. Over time, the focus of the May 5 celebration has shifted from actual historical liberation to the general interest of freedom. In many places around the world, people still fight for their daily existence. Therefore, May 5 has become a day for reflection on freedom around the world.

Gold series

The stamp about the liberation of the Netherlands is part of the series End of World War II. On January 20, the first stamp from this series appeared, about the operation Market Garden, followed on March 20 by the stamp about Anne Frank. The last stamp issue in the series is on August 17, the day that 75 years ago the Japanese army laid down its weapons in what was then the Dutch East Indies. Each stamp from the End of World War II series is made of 24 carat gold.


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