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The wolf is back in the Netherlands! Not only in the border region with Germany, but now also on new stamps about mammals in our country. PostNL is releasing it today, as the first issue of the second volume of the series “Experience nature”.

Portrayed mammals

More than 100 mammal species live in the wild in the Netherlands. Ten of them play the leading role on the stamps: wild cat, basked bat, wolf, gray seal, ermine, polecat, European otter, fox, badger and rabbit. On the sheet, each of the 10 mammals portrayed has been given its own stamp, with images of the animals in their natural environment.

Sensory and associative

The stamps were designed by graphic designer Frank Janse from Gouda. His concept focuses on the sensory and associative nature experience. Janse: “Mammals are the most cuddly, most recognizable and intelligent animals we know. Yet they also have nails, teeth and spines. I wanted to show that contrast, because there is something dark about these animals at the same time. Whether they are predatory or prey. Think of the fear the wolf creates. How people are scared by fluttering bats. That’s because we can’t predict their behavior. “

Beauty of nature

With the new stamps, PostNL is putting the spotlight on the diversity of nature in our country. “It is much larger than we sometimes think at first glance,” says Stephan van den Eijnden, PostNL’s commercial director of Mail. “This can also be seen on the new stamp sheetlet, with beautiful photos of the 10 mammals. What I also like are the almost transparent images of 7 other mammals on the skin. Just look carefully, then you will find them. “

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Jan 02 2019
The Netherlands


The Netherlands

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