Experience Nature - Butterflies and moths

Experience Nature – Butterflies and moths

Experience Nature – Butterflies and moths

Butterflies, who doesn’t love it? They are among the most harmless insects that fly by in the summer. PostNL has put 10 of the most beautiful copies on stamps, for the series Experience nature.

Outstanding colors

The wings of butterflies are covered with scales that absorb light in various ways. This gives them the often striking colors and markings. The reproduction of butterflies is also special: from the caterpillar that pupates in a cocoon from which the butterfly later emerges.

Sensory and associative

The Experience the Nature Butterflies stamp sheet was designed by graphic designer Frank Janse from Gouda. His concept focuses on the sensory and associative nature experience. Janse: “These are all beautiful, high-quality photos. There is a special story behind every butterfly. For example about the scents of the night peacock eye, the special antennae of the St John’s butterfly and the hairy of the gentian blue. I depicted the nine-spotted moth because of its deep, blue-black color. Even butterflies can have a dark side. ”

Beauty of nature

With the new stamps, PostNL draws attention to the diversity of nature in our country. “It is much larger than we sometimes think at first glance,” says Stephan van den Eijnden, PostNL’s commercial director of Mail. “Just look at the beautiful colors and patterns on the wings of the depicted butterflies. Frank Janse has therefore used beautiful photos for his design, in which every butterfly takes a leading role. ”

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Jun 11 2019
The Netherlands


The Netherlands

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