Birds in the Netherlands

Birds in the Netherlands – European goldfinch and Bohemian waxwing

Birds in the Netherlands

Today PostNL released new stamps for international destinations, with illustrations of the goldfinch and the waxwing. These two colorful birds have an ancient name in Dutch history. Both illustrations were created by Michelle Dujardin, the stamp design by art director Yvonne Warmerdam.

EUROPE Stamp Best Design Competition

PostNL will also send the stamps Birds in the Netherlands for the EUROPA Stamp Best Design Competition. This competition is organized by PostEurop, the organization in which all European national postal companies work together. For 2019, the design competition is all about national birds.

Free and minimalist style

On the stamps sheet Birds in the Netherlands, the illustrations of the goldfinch and the waxwing are included in the stamps to fill the screen. The illustrations by Michelle Dujardin have her characteristic minimalist style: realistic, with a slightly abstract-impressionistic touch. Michelle: “The Goldfinch and the Waxwing have been deliberately contrasted. They go well together, all 2 start with p and both have a striking nickname. And they are also a nice contrast – one loved, the other feared. While both are very beautiful birds. ”

Own bird version

For both bird drawings, Michelle used photos to make a good impression of the feathers, the colors and the shape. “But I always take the liberty to draw my own version of the birds. With a build-up of colors that you do not always see at first glance, ”says Michelle.

Second issue with garden birds

As a follow-up to the issue for PostEurop, PostNL will issue a second stamp sheetlet on May 20, 2019: Garden birds in the Netherlands. This issue contains illustrations of 6 garden birds: blue tit, wren, robin, house sparrow, golden cock and great tit. Michelle Dujardin also provided the illustrations and Yvonne Warmerdam the design for this issue.

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Apr 23 2019
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