Beautiful Netherlands - Wadden Islands

Beautiful Netherlands – Wadden Islands

Beautiful Netherlands – Wadden Islands

Scenic beauty

Since 2005, the Beautiful Netherlands series has focused on local history, cultural wealth and scenic beauty. The new series this year about the Dutch Wadden Islands was designed by Birza Design from Deventer.

Recognizable images of Schiermonnikoog

The island shape of the 5 islands plays the main role in the design of each of the 5 stamps of the Beautiful Netherlands 2019 collection sheet. This is reflected in the island maps that the designers have placed on the stamps in miniature. Each of the 5 inhabited Dutch Wadden Islands has its own stamp with its own color. In the background of each stamp is a landscape photo in duotone, with a view of the lighthouse of the island in question. Surrounding it are photos with typical and recognizable images of the island in question, usually with a nautical character. In the design, the typical island shape also returns in other ways. For example, the font of the captions is a so-called chest letter, made up of elements that are separate from each other.

Jovial and pleasant

Almost all the photos used date from a working visit to the 5 islands by the graphic designers Ingmar and Carla Birza, in the sunny summer of 2018. Carla Birza explains how each island shows its own character. “Texel, for example, is very special in terms of landscape. A kind of mini-Netherlands, with polders, a hill, bulb fields, meadows, forests, stream landscapes, farming villages and harbors. At Vlieland, the small scale is particularly striking, with an abundance of nature. Terschelling is again the most dynamic of all islands. And the gigantic beaches are of course beautiful. The centuries-old commander’s houses are the best memories of Ameland, with a serene street scene. Finally, Schiermonnikoog, where friendliness is perhaps the most characteristic. ”

End of a series, but also a new beginning

For 15 years, PostNL has shown every year with the series Beautiful Netherlands how beautiful our country is. “From South Limburg and Zeeland to Friesland and North Holland, each province was given a comprehensive turn,” said Stephan van den Eijnden, PostNL’s commercial director of Mail. “In recent years, stamps have been published about regional costumes, historic country estates, fishing villages, stream and river valleys and cities with city gates. This year we conclude with the Wadden Islands. This issue is also the end of the beautiful series. But I am happy to say that there is something very special in its place. We will announce more about this soon. ”

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