Beautiful Netherlands - Ameland

Beautiful Netherlands – Ameland

Beautiful Netherlands – Ameland

The well-known stamp series Mooi Nederland will be devoted to the Dutch Wadden Islands in 2019. Today the fourth stamp sheet from this series has been published, with ample attention to the nature and architecture of Ameland. Stamps about Texel, Vlieland and Terschelling were already published at the beginning of this year. After the summer, PostNL will still be issuing stamps about Schiermonnikoog and a collection sheet for all 5 islands.

History, culture and landscape

Since 2005, the Beautiful Netherlands series has focused on local history, cultural wealth and scenic beauty. The new series this year about the Dutch Wadden Islands was designed by Birza Design from Deventer.

Recognizable images of Ameland

The island shape plays the leading role in the design of Mooi Nederland 2019: Ameland. This is reflected in the map of Ameland that the designers have placed on the stamps in miniature and on the stamp sheetlet in large format. The stamps contain recognizable images of the island: the lighthouse Bornrif near Hollum, the clock tower of Nes, a Friesian horse with a blown mane, the propeller monument between Hollum and Ballum and a characteristic Amelander commander’s house from 1675 in Hollum. In the design, the typical shape of the island also returns in other ways. For example, the font of the captions is a so-called chest letter, made up of elements that are separate from each other.

Paradise for cyclists and horse lovers

Almost all the photos used date from a working visit to Ameland by the graphic designers Ingmar and Carla Birza, in the sunny summer of 2018. Carla Birza describes Ameland as an island “with little forest and many low sloping dunes, so you can see very far. It is a paradise for cyclists and horse lovers. You can also see that in our choice of images. Beautiful are the ancient commanders’ houses with a typical Amelander character. They are often made of the same yellow-gray brick so that a serene street scene is created in the villages. The boat trip to and from Ameland is very special, through a narrow shipping channel with only the mud of the mudflats around you. Impressive.”

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Apr 23 2019
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