Netherlands - 220th Anniversary of Dutch Postal Service PostNL

220th Anniversary of Dutch Postal Service

220th Anniversary of Dutch Postal Service

In January 1799, 220 years ago, all local postal services were nationalized in our country. PostNL, the heir of these postal companies, pays attention to this special anniversary with the issue of the stamp sheetlet 220 years of postal company.

Three-dimensional effect

On the stamp sheet 220 years of postal company, the classic PTT red is combined with dark blue and two colors of orange. A striking UV varnish has been applied as an extra layer. The brilliance creates not only a festive, but also a three-dimensional effect.

From conveyor belt to party garland

On the stamp sheet, the designers, Haico Beukers and Marga Scholma from Haarlem, have portrayed the history of the postal company in the Netherlands on the basis of the shift in numbers of letters and parcels. Marga Scholma: “You can also see the design as a conveyor belt in a sorting center where the mail moves from left to right. I know that in reality they are separate flows, but that is the freedom you have as a designer. And due to the changing use of color and the block pattern, a festive garland can also be recognized in the stamp sheetlet. Because you celebrate an anniversary. ”

Proud of history

Stephan van den Eijnden, commercial director of PostNL, is just as proud of the new stamps as he is of the history of the company where he works. “Of course a lot has happened in 220 years. The name of our company has also changed regularly: from Post & Telegrams in 1799 to PostNL now. However we are called, we want to remain valuable to all our customers. Even now that we are increasingly changing from a traditional postal company to a postal and logistics e-commerce service provider.

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Jan 24 2019
The Netherlands


The Netherlands

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