Questions & Answers

Why this website use the term “issuing entity” instead of “country”?

Most stamps in the world today are issued by countries. But stamps are not only issued by countries. Organisations such as “United Nations” or “Sovereign Military Order of Malta” (both are still not on this website yet) also issue stamps. Sometimes military forces who occupied another nations may also issue its own stamps (such as during World War II). Even post offices are known to issue stamps. Therefore, it is obviously inaccurate to describe these non-countries “issuing entities” as “countries”. Oppositely, there is no problem to refer any “countries” as “issuing entities”.

Another reason is that there are countries which have several postal administrations who assume the responsibility of issuing stamps. For instance, in Bosnia and Herzegovina there are currently three postal administrations, each of which issue stamps separately. Another example is Andorra, where the stamps are issued by the postal administration of France and Spain. By identifying them as separate “issuing entities” this can avoid confussion when we want to describe who is the issuer of a particular stamps set or other philatelic items.

Why information about new stamp issues from some issuing entities are not available on this website?

The main reason is that I couldn’t find it. Sometimes the information is only available in local language. If you can help by providing information about new issues or translations into English then please contact me via the contact form. But note that your help must be on voluntary basis and without expectation of any remuneration.

Why there is there a copyright watermark on the stamp images?

In many countries, stamp images are protected by copyright laws. Although this website may qualify under the “fair use” policy in the sense that it is some kind of “news reporting” and give “positive economic impact” to copyright owners, I still feel it is inappropriate to display stamp images on this website without getting prior permission. Therefore I only publish stamps from issuing entities, which gave me approval for using these stamp images and I add a watermark to protect incorrect re-use of these images.

The images of the stamp issuing entities are also given with approval of these stamp issuing entities.


The flag images of countries used in this website are also obtained from Wikimedia Commons. All of these images were released into the public domain by their respective creators. The original images were modified before they are used on this website.

To postal administrations or stamp issuers, if you are willing to give me permission to reproduce stamp images on this website please contact me via the contact form. I hope you can consider this as an opportunity to promote and increase the demand for your products.